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Michael Yon, a highly respected and skillful U.S. author, gave me permission to translate into Japanese and share with you an article which he put out yesterday.
Japan-Korea: Were Korean Men Cowards during World War II?
A vexing question
There are growing, unsubstantiated questions about whether the Japanese Imperial Army kidnapped 200,000 sex-slaves (Comfort Women) in World War II. Mostly from Korea.
A $30 million US Government Study specifically searched for evidence on Comfort Women allegations.
After nearly seven years with many dozens of staff pouring through US archives -- and 30 million dollars down the drain -- we found a grand total of nothing.
The final IWG report to Congress was issued in 2007. (Linked below.)
Nobody should be writing about Comfort Women issues without reading this report cover to cover.
Many of the unsubstantiated claims are coming from Korea. Korean allegations have led to unexpected twists.
At the time, Korea was actually part of Japan -- roughly in the way that Puerto Rico is part of the USA.
Many Koreans were members of the Japanese military. So any allegations that the Japanese military kidnapped 200,000 women implies that Koreans were involved in kidnapping Koreans. This is an uncomfortable reality. It gets even more uncomfortable.
So today, South Korean President Park Geun-hye constantly accuses Japan of kidnapping these shiploads of women.
Imagine how this boomerangs back. President Park is saying that Japan -- and her daddy was an officer in the Japanese Army at the time -- kidnapped uncounted tens of thousands of women from Korea as sex-slaves. Yet there is no evidence that Korean men fought back.
During the war, Korea had a population of about 23 million. Today, Texas has a population of about 26 million.
Imagine trying to kidnap 200,000 Texas women. There would be a bloodbath. The Army would lose thousands of soldiers, and thousands of civilians no doubt would have been slaughtered in return.
Evidence would be everywhere. Photos. Films. Battle sites. Texans would never allow 200,000 women to be stolen and raped without making a river of blood. So President Park is essentially saying Korean men during World War II were a bunch of cowards.
Also imagine this from the perspective of a Japanese military General or Admiral. He is at war with the USA, Australia, Britain, China, and more. His hands are full. The USA in particular is on the march with our Navy and Marines, and we are smashing Japan anywhere we can find Japanese.
All generals always want more troops and supplies. That is a fact of life. Just ask any General. Ask any business leader what he or she needs to expand or defend against competition: They always want more resources.
What kind of fool General would dedicate the resources to kidnap, guard, transport, and feed 200,000 women, knowing that he is creating yet another war to fight?
The Japanese were highly advanced military thinkers. They made their own submarines, airplanes, and aircraft carriers. These were serious people, and super smart.
There is no way that Generals would dedicate those resources to kidnapping women when the US military and allies were marching down their throats. They had a war to fight -- this was not Spring Break.
Any serious military or business person can see the folly in common sense of kidnapping 200,000 women. It does not make sense, and would have created a new war in Korea -- which was a base for Japanese recruitment. Koreans were fighting Americans. Koreans were our enemy.
And back to Korean men. It would be horrific to see the US Army try to kidnap 200,000 Texas women -- especially so considering that many US military members are Texans, just as many Koreans were Japanese Soldiers.
Texas would rise up and start smashing the Army. Bridges would blow up. Soldiers would be shot every day. Bases would burn. The Army would fight back and there would be total war.
So are we to believe that Korean men are such cowards that nobody lifted a hand to defend their women? Because if they allowed these many women to be kidnapped, they are cowards, and their sons today had cowards for fathers.
 ということは、韓国人男性は韓国人女性を守ろうとこぶしを振り上げる人間が一人もいないほど臆病者なのだと我々は信じればいいのか? 数多くの女性が強制連行されるのを黙って許したのであれば、確かに韓国人男性は臆病者であり、その息子である現代の韓国人男性は、臆病者の父親を持っていることになる。
The reality is that we know that Koreans are no cowards. Koreans are a courageous people. So what really happened? It is clear from source documents, and the common sense that every water buffalo possesses, that there was no mass kidnapping.
 現実は私たちも良く知っているように、韓国人は臆病者などではない。韓国人はとても勇敢な民族だ。そうすると、実際には何が起きたのか? 資料を見ても、サルでも分かる常識で考えても、大規模な強制連行が行われた事実は無かったということだ。
It's all a lie, and no matter how much someone hates Japan, it will always be a lie.
Please read the IWG report that practically nobody seems to know exists. If you do not have time for the whole report, do a search inside the report for Comfort Women, and carefully read those parts:
 今までほとんど誰も存在すら知らなかったIWGの報告書を読んで欲しい。もし全部を読む時間が無いようなら、報告書の中で慰安婦(Comfort Women)を検索して、その部分だけでも注意深く読んで欲しい。
参考資料 : 米政府の慰安婦問題調査で「奴隷化」の証拠発見されず…日本側の主張の強力な後押しに
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